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Back arrow is a Japanese anime. It’s one of few anime which have no manga. Studio VOLN produced the anime and Gorō Taniguchi. Kazuki Nakashima wrote the anime. Back arrow premiered on January 2021. You can download the anime from our site in English sub.

Back arrow
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Back arrow plot

Story takes place in the land of Lingalind. It’s a continent completely surrounded by big walls. People inside the walls think it’s their god and the world exists inside the walls. According to them, there are no world outside the walls. The continent has several countries but it has two most powerful countries which dominates the others. Two nations has different perception. One country The Lutoh Republic believes in intelligence and other country Great Rekka Empire values honor. These countries are always involved in conflicts with each other.

You can find further story on Wikipedia. Read that for the full story or download the anime from down below.


  • Back Arrow ( a young man, belongs to Rakuho capsule that landed in Edger Village)
  • Atlee Ariel (sheriff of Edger)
  • Burk Lean (chief of Edger village)
  • Elsha Lean ( grand daughter of Burk Lean)
  • Bit Namital (friend of Atlee and Elsha)
  • Sola Athin ( doctor in Edger village)

You can find further characters in anime. So download back arrow anime from this post.

Download Black Arrow

You can download black arrow with English subtitles. As soon as a new episode will come we will upload it to our site and send you a notification. So that you can watch your favorite anime without any late.

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The story of back arrow is awesome. It shows the conflict between two countries greatly. It’s an ongoing anime. You will like the anime no doubt at all. To watch back arrow download it from our site now.