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Blue Exorcist is a typical Japanese manga series. Kazue Katō wrote and illustrated the manga. The manga has been going from April 2009 to December 2020. The manga series has total number of 26 tankonbon volumes till now. Shueisha has been releasing it’s chapters jump square.

The anime also adapted manga storyline. A-1 pictures produced the anime from April to October 2011. Koichi Hatsumi directed the series and Toshiya Ōno wrote it. First season has 12 episodes plus some OVA episodes. Later next year a movie named Blue Exorcist: The Movie was released in December, 2012.

Later Viz Media takes the license to release the manga chapters in English in North America and other places. Afterwards Aniplex of America also took the license to release anime DVDs

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Blue Exorcist plot

Blue Exorcist world consists the world of exorcists. There are two dimensions. One is Assiah where human lives and other one is Gehenna which is ruled by Satan. Gehenna is a world of demons. There are no way to pass by the dimensions from each side. However demons can go on Assiah by possession of a human body. Although demons wandered in human world without getting noticed for many years.

This is where the Exorcists play their role. They destroy the demons who possess humans and act violently. They have been doing this for two thousand years. Their group expanded in different branches in 2000 years. Vatican secretly commands them to take action. They act in aclandestine manner.

That’s the context of the story. Know the full story by downloading the anime from our site.

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