D4DJ Petit Mix & First Mix (english dub/sub) download and watch

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D4DJ Petit Mix is a japanese music franchise. Bushiroad created this. Kō Nakamura wrote the original story. These bands have several success in music industry. It has it’s own manga which is ongoing. As well as it has two anime seasons.

 D4DJ Petit Mix
D4DJ Petit Mix logo (sourced from Wikipedia)

Download D4DJ Petit Mix in english dub & sub

You can download and watch D4DJ Petit Mix for two seasons in English dub and sub. It’s available for free. Both seasons are available here. The first season has English dub episodes. Whereas the second is still ongoing as of now. So there are no dub episodes for the second season.

About the anime

D4DJ Petit Mix is a television series in Japan. It consists a story of music brand which becomes very famous for songs. You can check their story by downloading the anime series from our site. A smartphone game was released for android and iOS. The game was basically a rhythm game. The name of the game was “D4DJ Groovy Mix”.


It has it’s own manga story from where the anime is based on. The manga was entitled “D4DJ: The story of Happy Around!”. You can enjoy and read it. Moroko Kurasaki illustrated the manga. First manga chapter came in October 8, 2021. It’s still an ongoing manga. Therefore I’m not mentioning the volumes.


The anime adaptation came in October 30, 2020 it has total 13 episodes in it’s first season. D4DJ First Mix (season 1) lasted only three months. The show ended in January 29, 2021. First season has all episodes available in english dub. You can download it from our site. Seiji Mizushima directed the anime. Bushiroad produced it and Gō Zappa & Yuniko Ayana wrote the story. Sentai Filmworks, Crunchyroll and Funimation licensed the anime to publish it worldwide. Aniplus Asia released english dub episodes.

The name of the second season is D4DJ First Mix. Seiya Miyajima not only directed the anime series but wrote it’s story. It has total 5 episodes as of 6th March. It’s an ongoing anime so you can only get episodes in english sub. We will add dub links whenever they will be available.


After returning to Japan, freshman high school student Rinku Aimoto enrolls in Yoba Girls’ Academy. She meets with a girl Maho Akashi. They soon develops interest in DJ after watching ‘Peaky P-key’ music band. The journey of D4DJ starts from here.


  • Rinku Aimoto
  • Maho Akashi
  • Muni Ohnaruto
  • Rei Togetsu

There are details in the anime which isn’t mentioned here. You can find out more about this on Wikipedia.

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Final words

D4DJ anime series is very popular. You can say this by seeing their game. Not all anime has it’s own game. It is much more famous outside of Japan. You can watch and download the anime from our site. You will surely enjoy it.