Download Beastars anime Season 1 English Dub| 720P

Download all English dub episodes of Beastars anime. Download all 12 episodes of beastars season 1 from the links given below.

Download Beastars anime Season 1 English Dub

All the episodes given in the link are in high video and sound quality. You can download the beastars anime episode in 480P and 720P video quality depending upon your internet speed and the quality you want to download.

Beastars is one of the most popular anime watched worldwide. It is available on Netflix and other online video watching platforms. But they are paid but you can download the anime from our site for free and watch whenever you wish to.

Beastars is a shonen anime so it is worth watching. It was released in the year 2019 in English. It is a non-human anime which plotted around animals.

Beastars Downloading Links -:

EP 1: The Full Moon Chooses Which Beasts to Shine OnEP 2: The Heart of the School is in the garden
EP 3: When a male wolf was bornEP 4: You are going to the Holy Grail
EP 5: The Age to Discover Neither Motive Nor A Tail’s FilthEP 6: The Thing That Pierced My Vision: Was It a Dream or Reality?
EP 7: School Uniform And Fur Coat And Yet Still Underneath ItEP 8: To Catch Floss On One’s Dogtooth
EP 9: The Fur’s Rising Top Floor ElevatorEP 10: I Will Catch You to the Ends of the Earth, Fuzzball
EP 11: Marching Through the Neon Lights of SummerEP 12: Back View of Summer Storm

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