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Download the latest English Dubbed episodes of the Fire Force or Enen no Shouboutai Season 1 for free and from the fastest downloading server.

This anime is based on the Japanese manga Enen no Shouboutai Season written by Atsushi Ōkubo. The story of anime revolves around Tokyo city. Where people start turning into infernals or burning humans. To protect the people of Tokyo City. The Great Sol Temple and Hajima Industries created Fire Force. Who is going to have people from attacks of Infernals and find out the reason behind Infernals?

The story of anime is quite interesting and thrilling. Most of the anime revolves around Fire Force Unit 8 to which our protagonist Shinra belongs. In this anime, we are going to see many capable fire soldiers fighting White Clad to save Tokyo city from enemies.

Download the Fire Force English Dub from the link given below.All the links are damn working and downloading speed is also too fast.

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Fire Force Season 1 English Dub Download Links :

EP: 1 Shinra Kusakabe EnlistsEP: 2 The Heart of a Fire Soldier
EP: 3 The Rookie Fire Soldier GamesEP: 4 The Hero and the Princess
EP: 5 The Battle BeginsEP: 6 The Spark of Promise
EP: 7 The Investigation of the 1st CommencesEP: 8 Infernal Insects
EP: 9 The Spreading MaliceEP: 10 The Promise
EP: 11 Formation of Special Fire Force Co.EP: 12 Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa
EP: 13 The Trap Is SetEP: 14 For Whom The Flame Burns
EP: 15 The Blacksmith’s DreamEP: 16 We Are Family
EP: 17 Black and White and GrayEP: 18 The Secrets of Pyrokinesis
EP: 19 Into the NetherEP: 20 Wearing His Pride
EP: 21 Those ConnectedEP: 22 A Brother’s Determination
EP: 23 SmilesEP: 24 The Burning Past

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