Ghost Stories (Gakkou no Kaidan) English Dub & Sub Download

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Download all episodes of Ghost Stories (Gakkou no Kaidan) Anime English Dub and sub for free and from the fastest downloading server. Download Ghost Stories English dubbed in 480P or 720P and watch School Ghost Stories offline without any buffering.

Ghost Stories anime is also known as Ghosts at School, School Ghost Stories, and Gakkou no Kaidan in japanesse. There is a total of 20 episodes in season 1 of the Gakkou no Kaidan anime. All the episodes are given in high quality so that you can download Ghost Stories anime from the below-given links and enjoy watching anime later. Whenever you get free time.

 Ghost Stories Plot :

ghost stories anime english dub and sub download

Years ago, all of the ghosts in a haunted schoolhouse were banished by a certain student. Now, they’re back—and they want revenge…

Satsuki and Keiichirou Miyanoshita are two siblings recovering from the tragic loss of their mother. After moving to their mother’s hometown, they learn that the local school they have transferred to is an old building—one said to be haunted. Despite initially brushing it off as a silly rumor, the two soon discover that ghosts are indeed real and that they’re after them! Gakkou no Kaidan is the creepy tale of the lives of these siblings and their newfound friends as they try to survive the school’s ghosts—with a little help from their pet cat along the way.

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You can download Ghost Stories All Episodes english sub and dub in one click for free from here. You can download school ghost stories all episodes in a zip file from the download button given below. In case you have a large internet pack and good speed you can download them at once. All episodes are available to download.

Download Gakkou no Kaidan English Sub & Dub Download :

Download school ghost stories english sub and dub from the links given below. After downloading the anime from here you can watch ghost stories anytime and anywhere you want. Now you can watch ghost stories offline so that there will be no video buffering while you are watching ghost stories in your device.

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