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Many of you have heard about “Harem” anime. Sometimes people wonder what Harem anime actually is and why they are so famous. For your kind information, Harem isn’t limited to anime. It is also available in manga, novels, light novels, and games. So here is the correct definition of the harem.


“A genre of anime, manga, novel where the main protagonist, usually male, has multiple love interests at the same time.” – Urban Dictionary


The Harem genre originated around the 1970s in the manga, novel, light novel, and games but it became popular in the 1980s afterward. If you remember the original Dragon Ball series, it also has some adult scenes. As the writer was inspired by this field.

In the 1980s, a dating simulator game became so famous. The game was based on polygynous or polyandrous relationships. Where the main protagonist (most probably male) is surrounded by three or more women.

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Harem vs Ecchi

There are very few differences between these two categories. Both genres can have lewd and half-naked scenes. But the basic difference is that Ecchi anime may contain only one or two female/male characters running after a male/female. When it comes to Harem, it must have 3 or more characters pursuing the protagonist.

Note – A Harem genre can always be an ecchi anime but an ecchi anime doesn’t have to be a harem anime. Basically, Harem is the Subgenre of the Ecchi genre.


The structure of Harem content is not complicated at all. Rather it’s pretty simple. It has the main protagonist. Most of the time it’s a male who is accompanied by three or more women. These women are mostly polyamorous. They live together and in some instances, they also intimate with a male protagonist.

Reverse Harem

Reverse Harem means that the main protagonist will be a female and she will be surrounded by boys who want to have her just like the women do in normal harem anime/manga. Right now Fruit Basket is the only reverse anime that is ongoing and popular.


According to the ending of harem content, there are two types of ending.  Either the main protagonist sets up his life with one woman or he chooses none and lives with everyone together.


Although harem anime is considered to be heterosexual, there are no restrictions for LGBT content. It’s up to the creator most of the time. Most of the time, the creator selects heterosexual harem as it has a bigger audience than LGBT. But there are some anime with LGBT content. 

Most Popular Harem Anime

If you speak of harem anime, there are some anime available that everyone knows. So here are some popular harem anime.

  • High School DxD
  • HighSchool of The Deads
  • Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter
  • Mushoku Tensei
  • Arifureta
  • Redo Of Healer

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