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High School DxD Hero is the 4th season of the series. The anime season aired from 10 April, 2018. It adapts the story of 9th volume and 10th volume of the novel series. Like other high school dxd seasons it has only 12 episodes available in both sub and dub.

Passione produced the anime and Yoshifumi Sueda directed it. However the writer of the anime series is different. His name is Kenji Konuta. They say, during the production of this season, Ishibumi had some Passione staffs to read nearly all novel stuffs so that they won’t miss or miss-understand the story of the original writer.

High School DxD Complete Watch Order Guide :

Follow the high school did watch order guide to enjoy the anime to the fullest. It has many OVAs and Side Stories which might make you confused while watching the anime.

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Little back story of High school dxd seasons

Long story short, all story started from a high school name Kuoh Academy. It’s an academy of mysteries. Not only humans studies here but also th fallen angels. Some fallen angels have evil intentions and some are working for good. The main character Issei Hyoudou joins the good side Gremory house. Rias Gremory is the president of the house. That’s how the story progresses. To know more about it download or watch the anime from given links here.

The story consists all characters from the previous seasons and some new characters also. You can find it after reading the novel or watching the anime.

Final Words

High School DxD Hero season 4 is a great anime as expected. You will find the story relevant. You’re going to love it. It’s the final season so you must watch the previous seasons first before you watch the season 4.

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