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High School DxD new is the second season of the main high school dxd anime. The anime is based on the light novel with the same name. This means it’s the further story of season 1. As it features the same story. The season ran from July 7 to September 22, 2013. Media factory released the DVDs and blu rays in six compilations.

High school dxd new
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High School DxD Complete Watch Order Guide :

Follow the high school did watch order guide to enjoy the anime to the fullest. It has many OVAs and Side Stories which might make you confused while watching the anime.

High School DxD new season 2 consists 12 episodes in english dub and sub both versions. You can download or watch them in different qualities from our site. Click the button below to download season 2 from below.

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High School DxD Little back story

Long story in short, the story started with Kuoh Academy where many secrets lies. Formerly it was only girls school but later the academy opens admission for boys also. There are many students who aren’t humans. They’re mainly fallen angels.

In previous season A normal guy name Issei Hyoudou finds a girl and date her. Later he finds out that she is a fallen angel and wants him to die for her. Later Issei Hyoudou has been reincarnated as a devil by a girl of the very academy named Rias Gremory. She is also fallen angel and expects him to serve him as a faithful servant.

So definitely this new season covers the new journey of Issei Hyoudou. Here he knows almost everything about his new powers. So it should be great to watch it.

Characters remains same so there’s no need to mention them here.


High School DxD is great anime series. The season comes with more adventures and a new story. It also covers the old season’s plot holes. You can watch or download every season from the link given in the post.

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