hill climb racing 2 mod apk 1.40.2 unlimited coins & diamonds

Hill climb racing 2 mod apk latest version is here. This mod gives you access to unlimited coins and diamonds with online racing feature. This is one of the famous and most demanding racing games in the world.

Hill climb racing 2 mod apk

Hill climb racing 2 mod apk with unlimited coins and diamonds proof
Hill climb racing 2 mod apk with unlimited coins and diamonds proof

This game is good for offline version but remember if you use the mod consistently you may get banned as fingersoft has put some algorithm changes which may be unchanged in the mod also. So don’t upgrade your vehicle continuosly. Be patient and try to upgrade everything slowly.

NameHill climb racing 2 mod apk
Mod featuresUnlimited coins and diamonds

Hill climb racing 2 mod apk features

  • Unlimited coins : user can use this coin currency to buy vehicles, upgrade vehicles parts & it’s abilities, buy maps and so on. You can use these coins in most of the places in the game.
  • Unlimited diamonds : diamonds are the most important part of this game. User can use diamonds to buy extra coins if it’s below the need of the certain activity. Diamonds are also used to open crate boxes where you can get some exclusive vehicle colours and some rare abilities. You can also skip crate opening time by diamonds.
  • Premium unlocked : premium plan is also open. Now you can unlock VIP crates without buying the subscription.
  • No ads : you know this racing game comes with so many video and interstitial ads. So good news for you that we have removed all ads from the mod.

How to use the mod features

  • Download the game install it
  • Open the game play the first tutorial
  • Spend your coins and diamonds
  • The more you spend your coins and diamonds, they will increase by spending.

About the game

Hill climb racing 2 is developed by fingersoft. This game came is pretty similar uphill driving game like the older version. You can say that this game is an extended version of the previous one. Only things that aren’t common, are the feature and layout.

Game features

  • Events : events comes in a week. Players can participate in the event and win exciting outfits, vehicles, coins and diamonds.
  • Unlock cars : cars can be unlocked by racing against other players and win. It has a ranking system. Unlock more cars with each ranking.
  • Upgrade : upgrade your car and it’s abilities to maximize your car’s performance.
  • Tune : fine tune your car’s abilities to gain more performance from them.
  • Customise : players can customize characters. They can change body parts, head and leg parts. They can unlock other customisation for characters by playing and opening crates. So they have to participate in more events and races to win new customisations and crates.
  • Race : race against other players around the globe beat them, increase your ranking and win rewards. Players from same level players will only compete with each other. It’s just like a battle royale game.
  • Team up : players can join a new team or create one. For m your team and compete with other teams.
  • Social : connect your facebook and google play to invite your friends and compete with them.
  • Arcade : perform wheelies, flips and air jumps and earn some extra coins.
  • Leaderboard : see your current regional & global rankings in leaderboard. You can also see who’s among your friends are on higher ranking than you.

Public reviews in playstore

Sherry Caron

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the best video game i have ever played in my life!!! And the ONLY thing i do not like is the ads. But this still deserves 5 stars. And i have so many hats. I have like 10 hats. And i EVEN have the ROTATOR!!! This video game is so good that all of yall that is in our world has got to play and download this. So now i love yall so much! Now bye for now. Anyways goodbye.

Kshirod Chandra Das

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The best racing app ever👍👍. I am very happy with the new Rotator. The main problem when I was racing in adventure mode is driver down. I am making new records with this low-tuned vehicle. My new big problem is the low team chat limit. Please help!

Laurie Claassen

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Amazing game and regular updates. However, the technical support has never properly responded to my emails. They just send a automatic response or some kind of vague apology instead of actually trying to do something. I’ve been pointing out flaws in the physics of the game for a long time but no one seems to care. Either way, it’s still the best racing game I’ve played so far


Overall this game is a pretty good game. The mod also works well. There should be no problem with mod. If you face any problem just let us know.

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