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‘I want to eat your pancreas’ is also known as ‘Let me eat your pancreas’ was written by a Japanese writer Yoru Sumino. This story starts with a boy named Haruki finding a diary in the hospital’s waiting room. He found out that the diary was his popular classmate Sakura. He also found out that his classmate has been secretly suffering from a fatal pancreatic illness. They become friends and keep spending time with each other.

Download I Want To Eat Your Pancrease Hindi dub

Sakura eventually promises him to tell something when she’s dying. One night, Haruki was watching the news with family. The news reveals that Sakura was stabbed on the way to her home and she’s dead. Haruki completely breaks down and doesn’t attend her funeral. Later he visits sakura’s home to get her diary. Her mom tells him that Sakura left a letter for him. Knowing further information from her mother, Haruki completely breaks down. At the end of the departure sakura’s mother ask him his name and he replies ‘Haruki’. Then she tells him, “so you two were meant to be,”. The story goes on. Watch the movie to know the full story.

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