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Mewkledreamy is a character franchise. Sanrio created the story and Mayumi Yanagita, a character designer illustrated the manga. The franchise was officially launched in 2017.

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Mewkledreamy story

One day a cat fell from the sky and a high school student. The girl tries to speak everyday with cat. But the cat don’t understand human language. One day the cat wishes to the moon to be able to understand and speak human language. After the moonlight made Mew’s star pattern in her ear shine, the cat was able to speak and understand the girl’s language. They used to chat everyday.

The girl and the cat used to have same dream. They can travel in others dream also. As the Mew (the cat) possesses ‘Dream Synchro’ which helps them to travel in others dream. One day they came across to queen of Miracle Dreamy Kingdom who told them if they can collect a lot of dreamy stones she can grant her a wish.

There are other kitten and human characters also. All characters are listed down below


  • Mew (main cat protagonist)
  • Peko (A light yellow stuffed kitten)
  • Suu (A light blue stuffed kitten)
  • Yuni (A black stuffed kitten)
  • Tsugi (A stuffed kitten created by Yuni)
  • Hagi (A stuffed kitten created by Yuni)
  • Nene (A pink stuffed kitten)
  • Rei (A white stuffed kitten)

Human Characters

Here are the major character mentioned here. Other characters aren’t here. If you want to know more about the characters go on Wikipedia.

  • Yume Hinata (main protagonist)
  • Maira Tsukishima
  • Kotoko Imai
  • Asahi Minamikawa
  • Haruhito Sugiyama
  • Tokiwa Anzai

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