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Ninja Hattori is a Japanese manga series. It’s a pretty old manga. The famous creator Fujiko Fujio wrote the manga. The manga was released between 1964 and 1988. Later TV Asahi aired the anime in 1968. Reliance mediaworks made the way for ninja Hattori to India. Later green gold animation took the hands on it. Anime was airing in India since 2013.

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Ninja Hattori plot

Kenichi Mitsuba is a 11 years old secondary school student. He’s very lazy and not good in studies at all. He always used to frustrate his teacher and parent with his behaviour. Kenichi ends up being late for school everyday. He loves to do things in a easy way. Here comes the main character Hattori Kanzo.

Hattori Kanzo is a Iga ninja. He’s almost the same age as Kenichi. He becomes his best friend and starts living with along with his younger brother Shinzo and their ninja Shishimaru. Hattori always keeps an eye on Kenichi and helps him in every problematic solution. Thus they are best friends. Yumeko has been shown as a love interest of Kenichi.

Speaking of antagonist, his name is Kemumaki or Amara (Hindi dub name). He always annoys Kenichi and ends up fighting with Hattori. He from a different ninja village known as Koga valley. That’s why he calls himself a Koga ninja. He usually fights with Hattori for several reasons. Sometimes they fight for their village name. Otherwise they fight for Kenichi and Amara’s rivalry. Amara has a ninja cat. The cat has two name. It differs in other regional dubs. His real name is Kagechiyo and Kiyo is his hindi dub name.


  • Kenichi Mitsuba: he is an 11 years old boy. He is a secondary school student. Kenichi is very lazy and always seeks help from Hattori.
  • Hattori Kanzo: Hattori Kanzo is the main character of this anime or manga. He is the wisest in their home. He is an Iga ninja that rivals the Koga ninja Kemumaki. Hattori always keeps an eye on Kenichi and helps him in troublesome situations.
  • Kemumaki : He’s a Koga ninja but he hides his identity as a ninja. He lives in a flat like a normal person. Kemumaki has the same love interest as Kenichi. So it creates conflicts between them.
  • Shinzo: Shinzo is the younger brother of Hattori. He is too young to wield real weapons. He is still training with his brother. Shinzo uses weapons made of wood. If he cries everything near him breaks with the sound wave he creates.
  • Shishimaru: shishimaru is a ninja dog who lives in Kenichi’s house along with Hattori and Shinzo. He loves chocolate rolls.
  • Tsubame : she is a kunoichi and Hattori’s classmate as well. She occasionally visits Hattori in the show. Sonam is her Hindi dub name.
  • Yumeko: Yumeko Kawai is Kenichi’s classmate and his crush as well. Amara has also crush on her. Therefore they keep fighting with each other. On the other side, Yumeko is a very gentle girl. She likes both of them as good friends of hers.

Other characters aren’t mentioned here. Otherwise, the post will become too long to read. You can find out full details regarding the anime and manga on Wikipedia.

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