Nova legacy mod apk v5.8.3c (unlimited money)

Nova Legacy mod apk is the mod version of Nova Legacy original game. Mod apk is just a kind of an upgraded version of normal playstore version.

NameNova legacy mod apk
Mod featuresUnlimited money and unlimited Trilithium
DeveloperGameloft SE
CategoryAction FPS

Nova legacy mod apk features

Nova legacy mod apk unlimited money and Trilithium proof
  • Unlimited money: you get unlimited money in this mod. Use this money to buy new weapons and other equipments in the game.
  • Unlimited trilithium : this nova legacy mod apk gives you unlimited Trilithium to use buy packs.
  • No ads : as you know this app shows some ads, but this mod version is ads free.

How use nova legacy mod apk

  • Download and install it from our site
  • Disable mobile data/WiFi connection. It’s the most important step.
  • Let the game starts successfully
  • That’s all you’ve to do. After this you will notice your unlimited money, Trilithium and no ads.

Note : disable your WiFi or mobile data while open this app first time. Otherwise you may get banned.

Nova legacy story

In nova legacy mod apk, the story is pretty similar to the original version. It’s a sci-fi 3D first person shooter game. Kal Wardin is main character in this game. Kal Wardin has to stop the alien assault and find out the mystery behind their sudden assault with the help of Yelena, his personal AI assistant.

Game elements

  • Nova legacy gives you multiplayer arena mode where you can compete with other players.
  • Solo deathmatch : it’s 8 player deathmatch where last survivor wins the match. It can be played.
  • Team deathmatch : it’s a 4 vs 4 player match. The highest scoring team will win the match. It’s pretty much like modern combat 5 mod apk, pubg etc.
  • This game gives you customisation options with a variety of skins and 3D models.
  • Like other games players get a leaderboard where they can lookup their global and regional rankings through Google play games.
  • It gives you password protected private rooms for you and your friends.
  • Nova legacy also has 3rd cam death replay feature like call of duty games.
  • Get bonuses by upgrading suite cores. These bonuses can boost anything from the force of your bullets to your sniper rifle accuracy.

Nova legacy features

Nova Legacy

Graphics : Nova legacy gives you a console like experience in graphics. It’s the one of the first person shooter game in android platform. Even the weapons looks great.

Sound Quality : Just like the graphics the sound quality of this game is also great. If you use headphones, you will feel the sounds of guns, footsteps and other creatures.

Offline mode : if you don’t have internet you can play offline solo and complete the story chapters

Multiplayer : you can play with other players of this game in arena mode and deathmatch.

Various game modes

Nova Legacy

Story modes: you can complete the story of a sudden alien assault and learn it’s a mystery.

Shadow missions : attack alien special ops in a limited time in battlefield.

Special ops : launch a critical attack on various alien formations.

Public reviews

It has average 4.0 rating and more than 1.4M people rated this app. Here’s some reviews below



This is the best FPS shooter game , excellent graphics, missions everything.. It is an offline game , you can also play with real players in multiplayer mode.At first when you install this it will show ( collecting resources) , and the app’s space will increase to 300+ mb , But no problem it will run smooth , My phone has 1gb ram no problems runs very smooth no lag,.. Its a very good game.

Venky S


Please make the in-game upgrades a little less expensive. Other than this, I love to play this game. Also, please ban the hacked accounts. There should also be an option to communicate with our teammates in team matches. The time for loading takes more than that of most of the matches. There should be an equality in the teams in multiplayer, it takes off the fun – getting shot as soon as respawned, always.

Aung Shein


I enjoy playing this game. It was fun and really good game but there are some problems. The multiplayer issue is really bad. Eventhough the game got 50million players, I still can’t connect with a single player. I got strong connection I can’t connect any multiplayer moods. Please add more things like jumping, scope, no auto shooting, ability to run faster and add audio or something to connect other players. Make wepons a little more cheap.


After getting into this, nova legacy mod apk is only to play with your friends don’t use it on competitive matches.

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