Shadow Fight 3 mod apk 1.23.0 with unlimited coins and gems

Shadow fight 3 has two types of mods. Those are shadow fight 3 mod apk mod menu and shadow 3 mod apk with unlimited coins and gems. So it’s upto you which one you want to choose.

Note : the mod menu variant will also include unlimited coins and gems.

NameShadow fight 3 mod apk
Mod featuresmod menu, unlimited coins & gems

Mod features

  • Mod menu : a menu will float on the screen, if you enable that, enemies will freeze when they jump.
  • Unlimited coins : you get unlimited coins to buy or upgrade weapons, armours and helmets.
  • Unlimited gems : it will help you to skip/buy/upgrade weapons without any time delay.

Mod type

There are two types of mod, shadow fight 3 with mod menu and shadow fight 3 mod apk with unlimited coins and gems. We will provide you both of these but the version may vary. Choose wisely before you play.

How to download mod apk

  • Click on download button
  • Choose the mod you want to download
  • Click on download,
  • A new page of mega or other cloud storage will popup
  • Download from there and install

How to install shadow fight 3 mod apk

  • Open the app
  • Allow unknown sources if it’s not allowed already
  • Click on install and it’s good to go
  • Now your shadow fight 3 mod apk is ready to play.

How to use shadow fight 3 mod apk without getting ban

We are providing you two types of mods, mod menu and unlimited resources. If you make some mistake at the beginning you may get banned from the server. Here’s how to use these mods

Well to be exact there’s almost no techy things you need to do. You need to use the mod after you pass the tutorial in the game otherwise you may be caught. Don’t use the mod before the tutorial, use it after you finish the tutorial. That’s it you get the mod menu and unlimited coins and gems. If the version gets outdated wait for new versions because servers can catch the older versions using mods. So it’s alway better to be on the latest version.

About shadow fight 3 game

Shadow fight 3 is an RPG game just like the previous shadow fight games. It’s an epic action game with some spectacular moves.

Game story

Shadow fight 3 is based on a war story where heroes from different three clans are fighting with shadow energy. While the main character (you) will go on an adventure to end this war. This war happens between the lands of dynasty and army of legion. Legion, a military tribe wants to destroy the dark energy and the dynasty wants to use it for profit. This is all about the war. The player’s decision will decide the direction of this war.

Build your own epic hero

Shadow fight 3 mod apk: epic gear collection

You can create your own epic hero by collecting weapons, armours and helmets. You can increase their durability by upgrading them. Unlock your weapons and armours by leveling up.

Build skills and fight

Travel across the world and fight enemies in unusual places. The more you fight, the more skills and power you develop. The stronger you get, the stronger enemies you will face.

Shadow fight 3 mod apk: unleash shadow power

After fighting with players, you will obtain new powers, such magics and throwable weapons. You will get more types of magic and throwables after a certain levels.

Public reviews in playstore

These reviews are taken from playstore.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This game is definitely worth your time and is the best way to have fun. I really recommend this for any one who loves fights or 1v1s. But even if you don’t like these things you will most probably like this. Because of the amazing graphics, it feels as if it’s real. Keep up the great work NEKKI and happy bday shadow fight 3😁!!!

Zako Boss

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This, according to me is the best game ever. Many weapons which have creative legendary combos and the armours are well designed. The graphics? Thats top notch. The only reason why I didn’t give five stars is because that all the events are a little too tough but overall i woulD give the title ‘THE BEST FIGHTING RPG GAMEEEE!!!’

naveed hussain

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The controls of the game are a complete shambles… I’ve experienced responses that I didn’t press ie wanting to go walk forward or a heavy attack and instead the character forward rolls or there’s a delay in response and at times makes you lose crucial rounds. The difficulty in some cases is ridiculous and it shows when you losing 2-0 in first to win 3 fight the opponent sometimes makes it easy to let you win a round (AI) and then trounces you the very next round. Other than that it’s ok.


Shadow fight 3 mod apk with unlimited coins & gems will be good for you. But remember there’s a chance to get banned. So always update to the latest version.

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