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Download Shadowverse English SUB from here. Shadowverse is available here for downloading in high audio and video quality so that you can enjoy watching shadowverse. All the downloading links for shadowverse anime are given below so download it now.

Shadowverse is originally adapted from the game ‘Shadowverse’. Zexcs animated the series and Keiichiro Kawaguchi directed the series. There are other people involved to create the designs or handling other things such as music, composition, and character. The series premiered on 7th April 2020 on TV Tokyo. There are multiple opening songs performed by multiple groups of artists. It has a total number of 48 episodes. All are in English sub and there is no English dub available till now.

Shadowverse English sub download

Download Shadowverse anime all episodes in english sub for free. It only requires you to go through a short link then you can download the anime.

Shadowverse storyline

Hiiro Ryūgasaki is the main character in this anime. He is just an ordinary high school student at Tensei Academy. One day he finds a mysterious smartphone. He also finds an app inside the smartphone. The app is very popular digital card game. The name of the app is “Shadowverse”. The main character Hiiro thought that the app is only to meet with rivals and meet with new friends. Later he and his friends finds out that the purpose of the app is to save the world from Doomsday.


  • Hiiro Ryugasaki : he’s the main protagonist in the anime series. He has a strong love for the game. He’s the second year student in Tensei Academy. He lives with his grand father. Further information is available in the anime.
  • Lucia Yonazuki : Lucia is a middle school student in a different school than Hiiro. He lost his parents at a very young age.
  • Mimori Amamiya : she’s a classmate of Hiiro and she’s also one of his best friends.
  • Kazuki Shindo : Kazuki is also Hiiro’s classmate. He’s one of his best friends.
  • Others : there are more characters than I mentioned above. So other major characters are Alice Kurobane, Maura Aberald, Kai Ijuin, Leon Auranshz and Malgrit Valoa. There are more characters in the anime whom I didn’t mention in this list. You will see them when you watch anime.

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