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‘So I Can’t Play H’ is a japanese anime series which is based on a light novel ‘Dakara Boku wa’. The story forms around a high school student Ryosuke Kaga. He’s a horny guy and speaks whatever comes in his mind. He makes a contract with a beautiful girl Lisara Restall who is a great reaper.

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The anime has total 12 episodes. Download ‘So I Can’t Play H’ in high quality. You can even watch this anime. All episodes are available in high quality resolution. Unfortunately there are english dubbed episodes but you can enjoy english sub episodes here.

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You can watch the trailer to decide whether you want to watch the anime or not. Here’s the trailer down below

About the anime

‘So I Can’t Play H’ is an uncensored anime which means it’s not for kids. As I mentioned earlier, the anime is based on a light novel. Pan Tachibana wrote this novel and Yoshiaki Katsurai illustrated it. The light novel has 11 volumes in total. Fujimi Shobo published the volumes in dragon magazine. The first volume came on 19th June, 2010. The novel series ran almost three years and ended on 20th August, 2013.

so i can't play h light novel
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Manga series

Soon after the light novel success, the manga series came in light after one year later. The writer of the manga series is Pan Tachibana (same as novel). The first manga chapter was published on 7 October, 2011. It has total 5 volumes. The manga series ended on 6th December, 2013. Yen Press licensed this manga to publish it in North America.

So I can’t play h anime series

After the success of manga and light novel, Feel studio produced the anime series. It’s the very studio which also produced Yosuga No Sora and Kiss X Sis famous anime. Takeo Takahashi gave direction to the anime and Naruhisa Arakawa wrote the anime story. AT-X network aired the uncensored version of this anime and MVM Entertainment licensed it to air it in United Kingdom. AT-X aired the first episode on 6th July, 2012. As the anime has only 12 episodes, it ended within 2 months. The last episode was aired on 25th September, 2012.

So I can’t play h plot

Ryosuke Kaga is a high school student at Momozomo Academy. One day, he was attending a normal class. The weather was rainy. After the class, he meets a girl standing outside in rain. She introduces herself as an elite grim reaper and her name is Lisara Restall. Further more she tells her that she visited the human world in order to find a ‘The singular man’. He makes a contract with her in order to preserve his life.


  • Ryosuke Kaga (main protagonist)
  • Lisara Restall
  • Mina Okura
  • Quele Zeria
  • Iria Fukumune

All characters are not mentioned here. You can find out them on Wikipedia.

Final words

so I can’t play h is a great anime. It’s obviously not for kids. As it’s an ecchi anime and it has many uncensored scenes. Download and watch this anime from here for free in english sub. I hope you like this post.