Temple Run 2 mod apk 1.72.0 with unlimited coins and gems

Temple run 2 is sequel arcade of original temple run game. It was released in 2013 and running till now. This game is developed by Imangi Studio. This is pretty much about the app. It’s run or die type to be exact. Sometimes people want to use the app with it’s full potential, so here we are with the temple run 2 mod apk with unlimited coins and gems. You don’t need to buy or do anything with this app to use this at it’s full potential.

NameTemple run 2 mod apk
Mod featuresunlimited coins, unlimited gems and no ads
DeveloperImangi Studios

Temple run 2

Temple run 2 is a run or die concept game. It’s one of first arcade games that shows a potential in this this arcade game category. This game wasn’t available for android at first place but considering the popularity the company released it’s android version on 27th march, 2012.


It’s basically a endless running game. A monster will try to catch and you have to run. That’s the solely concept of this game. According to the developers description you’re running from away with an artifact that you have stolen and the monster is there to protect the artifact. That’s why the monster is chasing you.


Obstacles come in the way to stop you. There several types obstacles. Those are stones, waterfalls, wall, one side broken path etc. Note it may differ with the maps. Practically they’re based on these obstacles.



Temple run 2 all abilities
Temple run 2 multiple abilities

While running in temple run game you get some abilities to perform. These abilities gives you a boost in running and make things easy for a moment. Although if you run a long run, you will find this abilities multiple times. You also need to upgrade the abilities with your coins you earn. Don’t worry in our mod you get unlimited coins so it won’t be any difficult to upgrade your abilities. There are total 9 abilities (technically 8).

Abilities in details

  • Coin value : coins are important to upgrade your abilities and buy a new character. Coin value is just the value of a coin. There are three types of coins appear single normal coin, double coin and triple coin. Although double and triple coin appears after you run a particular distance. This ability helps to decrease the particular distance in order to give you double and triple coins sooner.
  • Shield : shield protects you from sudden collision with obstacles. But it won’t save you falling in the canyons or get caught by the monster. Upgrading this ability will increase the duration of shield covering you.
  • coin magnet : as the name says, coin magnet attracts the coins towards you. Using this ability you don’t have to move to collect coins. Upgrading this ability will increase the duration of the magnetic field.
  • Boost distance : boost distance will boost your distance by a margin. It depends on the current power of the ability. If it boosts the runners distance you won’t be hit by any obstacles. The runner will move automatically that specific distance and upgrading this ability will increase the boost distance.
  • Pickup spawn : pickup spawn means how often a chest/gems/keys will appear in the way. So Upgrading this will increase the appearance frequency of the pickup spawn.
  • Headstart : headstart means you spend some your coins and you will get a boost to a specific distance. If you upgrade the ability, you will be charged less for each headstart.

Other abilities are save me, power meter, score multiplier and bolt distance (only for Usain bolt character)


Temple run 2 characters
Temple run 2 characters

This game has a total of 18 characters from dangerous guy to Usain Bolt. Each character has it’s wearables. This character also comes with their abilities although you can the abilities and switch with one another. New characters are being added frequently. Imangi Studios adds some new special characters in each update. Depending on the character, you may need to purchase them with real money or you can buy them with in game currency (more specifically coins and gems).


Temple run 2 mod apk all maps unlocked
All maps

Temple run now has almost 19 maps. As the company is actively updating the game and keeps adding maps and characters, there will be a time the numbers mentioned here, won’t be latest or accurate. Still the next update may come after this winter season.

Other features

Temple run 2 has numerous features. I already mentioned the main features. Only some minor features are left to mention.

Coin skin : there are total 9 coin skins. So you have many options to choose. Coin skins may not be unlocked or free as shown in the image. If you need all things unlocked, download the mod apk and enjoy. By default you will have classic looking coin skin. Just go to menu > coin skins after that you will see those options opened.

Leaderboard : you can compare your profile with other players. You will be able to see your regional ranking, friend circle ranking and global ranking as well.

Challenges : temple run 2 gives you some daily and weekly challenges to complete. So complete and win rewards.

Objective : you get some objectives to clear in one run. Clear them and win exciting rewards.

Artifacts : collect different types of artifacts by collecting some chest boxes.

Temple run 2 mod apk

Temple run 2 mod apk unlimited currency (coins and gems)
mod proof

Temple run 2 mod apk will give you unlimited coins and gems which are not available in the normal version. Well you can enjoy multiple runs, no worries about your resources to get low, always play freely and upgrade every ability you want.

Mod features

  • Unlimited coins : this Temple run 2 mod apk gives you unlimited coins. Mostly you can use these coins to upgrade the abilities, buy a new character etc. As the game itself gives you very less coins in every run. It can be very difficult to earn coins. Use this mod to get more coins.
  • Unlimited gems : gems play crucial part in the game. If you have unlimited gems, you don’t have to wander to collect chest boxes or the gems itself. This mod is giving you unlimited gems and as a result you will enjoy this game without any worries, like you don’t have to struggle to collect these gems and download your favourite maps.
  • No ads : as you know temple run 2 shows many ads on each stage. As a result the player feels annoying playing this game. So here is the mod, download this and enjoy ads free experience.

Note : some characters may ask you to purchase them. Although you won’t able to purchase them. Remember characters don’t give any kind of super powers. Still you can use your characters to play other games.

Temple run 2 mod apk FAQs

Why you need temple run 2 mod apk?

well if you are satisfied with your current original game and you’re able to spend on the game, just go for the original version. But if you are from those who wants to use this app at it’s full potential and don’t have much time to spend on the game, download the mod and enjoy everything unlimited. Also the original version has annoying ads so if you want ads free version you can go for this.

What are the further steps after installing the mod apk?

There are no further steps to complete. Just open the app and play. Although it has to download others maps and resources like characters wearables etc.

Public Reviews in playstore

It has average 4.2 star rating and 9M+ people rated this till now. Other ratings are gameplay 4.1, graphics 4.1 and controls 4.0 .

Final words

Temple 2 mod apk is good to go although there are some minor error left to fix. But as the time passes all errors will be fixed or maybe fixed already. If you can spend on the game, please support the developers then.

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