Top 10 best uncensored anime to watch 2021

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Hello, there anime lovers, what’s up. Many people here love to watch anime. Especially the female characters are the one who drives many male weebs crazy. There are many types of anime available. The type people love more is the uncensored anime. You’re probably searching on google ‘ best-uncensored anime’ or “where can I watch uncensored anime?”. For your kind searches, here are the top 10 uncensored anime lists in 2021 to watch. Remember! I’m talking about uncensored anime, not hentai. Good news is these anime are also available in english dub.

Warning : if you’re under age don’t read this article or try not to peek in these anime. They may harm you mentally.

10. Freezing

Freezing anime
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Starting off at number 10 we have Freezing. We enter into a world of war has been invaded by aliens from the planet Nova and the soldiers fighting them unknown as Pandora. They partnered with boys known as limiters to fight the girls. These girls are genetically modified by using nova cells to enable them to battle. The boys have a special ability known as freezing. Later she meets brigitte el satellizer the most powerful pandora in her class for. She hasn’t yet chosen a male partner.

As she’s a bit cold and can’t express herself. Kazuya who’s registered for school decides to become a limiter against all the warnings from his friends and classmates. They work together to defeat classmates who are jealous of her abilities. who want Kazuya to be their limiter follow their adventures. As they battle to retain earth from being a colony of Nova.

9. Yosuga no Sora

Uncensored anime : Yosuga no sora
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Coming at number nine, we have Yosuga No Sora. this anime has elements of harem. For any man having a harem, is a dream in this series. We meet Haruka casiano whose parents passed away in a tragic accident. He takes his sister back to the countryside where they used to visit their grandfather. Nothing’s changed in this neck of the Woods the good old memories in silent atmosphere heal Haruka’s sadness.

However, his peaceful life gradually changes the girls he had interpersonal relationships with during his childhood. Now seeing them all grown up, he gets blushed, they get reacquainted in an interesting and comedic. Although there are a few hate scenes. Because all of them want to get together with Haruka. That even includes her sister.

8. So I Can’t Play H

So I can't play H uncensored anime
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moving on at number eight we have ‘So I Can’t Play H’. This is an anime depiction of what perversion and Tourette’s syndrome combined would look like. The main character Ryu so Chi cago is a pervert of equal measure and has no filter wherever comes to his mind he speaks. It’s usually only dirty thoughts in his mind. His big-breasted neighbor is the one he has the most fantasies about.

As he walks home from school he helps the girl out a grim reaper known as lisara restall and he forms a contract with her. Lisara is looking for a chosen one and needs energy from you Sora. It is his lusty spirit whenever he or Sookie loses energy then Lisara does to Ryo. So he becomes her retainer and has to ensure she has energy for all her battles. Yet somehow against all odds, the sorrow manages to find a way to show her tits in every episode. Talking about fanservice people we truly appreciate the creator’s for this this is one that is quick and easy to follow through on.

7. The Testament of Sister

The Testament of Sister
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Up next we have the Testament of a sister, blended families can be tough and when Basara to Joe’s father tells him he’ll be bringing him two sisters it’s a great surprise. He finds out that his sisters are a little bit different though Maria is actually a succubus and Mio is the heir to the recently deceased demon king. Maria happens to be the protector retainer contract.

They both form a master/slave contract but it backfires tremendously as Mio ends up as a slave in the contract. We find that Basara and his father are ex ours from the hero clan whose job is actually to find and eliminate demons. Further story is available on Wikipedia and in the anime. Watch and download it now from our site for free.

6. Triage X

Triage X
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At number 6 we have Triage X. As far as this anime goes it’s a production that fits the standard of Michael Bay. Mochizuki hospital is full of beautiful nurses who take care of their patients meticulously. However behind this hospital is a vigilante organization known as Black Label. This organization is responsible for killing undesirable people in society known as cancers to prevent them from spreading their infection into society.

This action shows for the fast-paced action, extra violent executions. Other creative ways to kill and it’s also extremely sexual with Bar scenes.

5. Kiss X Sis

Kiss X Sis uncensored anime

At number five, we have kiss X Sis. It’s another story about a blended family and the weird interpersonal relationship it creates. Katy’s father remarries and then finds himself with a new mom and two little sisters.

The girls changed from loving cater to lust they consistently tried to tempt him into sleeping with them. He keeps resisting their requests as he’s their big brother and wants to keep them pure. Each episode has a different means of seduction or enjoyment.

4. Scum’s Wish

Scum's Wish
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Next up we choose Scums Wish. Rom-com lovers welcome to your masterpiece. This anime follows the story of two students Hanabi and Mugi. They’re both in love with different people whom They can’t get and then just settle for each other they set up a bunch of rules to protect their emotions from falling for each other.

Our characters play at love and explore their sexuality by kissing and caressing. Yet they’re both pretending is with someone else. They use each other and explore their love through their sexuality. But Mugi doesn’t push it too far as he thinks it’s important to give Hanabi first time to the person she truly loves.

The story’s not overly scripted which makes it easier to identify with a more believable or awkward and comfortable moment. It’s a sure anime that’s very sweet in spite of its bitterness if you ever had any feelings of being unable to love when growing up. This will rip up those old scars with no mercy.

3. Highschool of the dead

Highschool of the Dead
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Coming at number three we have High School of the Dead. Lovers of Resident Evil assembled. Welcome to the apocalyptic world where zombies have once again overrun the world. Takashi one of the survivors during the outbreak of the virus and his friends struggle to survive in this new post-apocalyptic world. He saves his teacher and a few classmates. On the road to survival, he learns new tricks on how to stay alive in this era.

2. High School DxD

High School DxD
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High School DxD is one of my personal favourite anime. It features Issei Hyoudou a normal human at their school. He is a total pervert and always peeks in girl’s changing room. But the school isn’t only have humans but also fallen angels and devils. Later a girl request him to be her boyfriend. The young guy accepts this but soon after their date, he finds out something bad. His girlfriend happens to be a fallen angel who wants him to die for her. Later he is resurrected by Rias Gremory, senior student of their academy. She is a devil and makes Issei her servant. They joins the forces to fight against other spiritual beings like angels and fallen angels. It has total 4 seasons and all are available in our website. There are rumours that season 5 will enter in June 2020.

1. Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer uncensored anime

Redo of Healer is one of the trending anime in Japan. The story consists Keyaru who is a healer. He can also get their experiences of their past by healing them. Due to his powers he is exploited by others. One day he convinced himself to flee away and get his revenge. It also contains many sexual and raping scenes which leads towards controversies. It’s a fresh anime. TNK studios produced this anime. This is the very studio who produced High School DxD.

Final words

I hope you like the list above. All anime are uncensored so if you’re underage guy, try not to watch them. There are many dark scenes in these anime which may exploit your brain. Rather than sexual scenes, these anime also consists great storyline.