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Triage X is a japanese ecchi manga series. Shōji Satō wrote and illustrated this ecchi manga. This manga has 21 tankobon volumes. These volumes are available in shōnen manga ‘Monthly Dragon Age’ since 2009. Yen Press licensed this manga series to publish this in North America. The last volume contains a side story. The title of the last volume is “Triage X Tribute” about the main character and his adventures.

Triage X first volume cover image by yen press
first volume cover page

Later down in 2015, the anime adaptation has been released. Xebec studio produced this anime. Akio Takami & Takao Kato directed the anime. Katsuhiko Takayama wrote the anime story. It has total 10 episodes. The episodes was aired on April 8, 2015. The show ran only two months. The anime ended on 10 June, 2015. However the manga is ongoing so we may expect another season soon.

Download & watch Triage X uncensored

You can watch and download Triage X uncensored anime in english sub from here in high quality. It’s great and with good story. It has only 10 episodes. We may see another season as the manga is ongoing. You may click the button below to download or watch.

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Triage X Plot

In this anime, there is a hospital which name is Mochizuki General Hospital. Looking this hospital from a distance, you will see it as a normal hospital. But from inside this hospital is a vigilante organization known as “Black Label”. They have members from the hospital staffs and local teenagers. Their task is to kill undesirable people, dubbed “cancers” of society. They kill them to prevent the cancer spreading in society.


There many characters in the series. It won’t be possible to cover up all their details and name. Only some characters name will be here. If you want know more about this character and other details, Check Triage X Wikipedia.

  • Arashi Mikami (main protagonist)
  • Mikoto Kiba (female protagonist)
  • Oriha Nashida
  • Sayo Hitsugi
  • Yuuko Sagiri
  • Miki Tsurugi
  • Masamune Mochizuki


Triage X is a great anime to watch. You will find it enjoyable as it’s an ecchi story. Most of people are fond of this kind of story. It looks like ecchi but it’s a bit dark show also. Triage X is only matured audience. So if you’re understand or immature, don’t watch this kind of shows. Other than that you can watch and download it from our site.