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Download tribe nine with english subtitles for free in the best video and audio quality. You can download the tribe nine anime in multiple video qualities from here. It is 2022 anime that falls under the sports category which makes this anime more awesome. You can download tribe nine anime in 1080P, 720P, and 360p from here.

Tribe Nine Plot :

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Haru Shirogane is a weak-minded person who is constantly bullied while Taiga has traveled from across the sea in hopes of becoming the strongest man in the world. One night, the two meet up with Shun Kamiya, the strongest XB (Extreme Baseball) player, and leader of the Minato Tribe. When they meet, each of the Tribes scattered throughout Neo-Tokyo are about to face a major threat.

On the orders of the King of Neo-Tokyo, “Houtenshin”, from the Chiyoda Tribe, led by the mysterious Ojiro Otori, has started to take control of all the tribes in the country. Their evil clutches are about to reach the Minato Tribe.

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The anime tribe nine is not available in the English dub but we will upload the tribe nine english dub version as soon as the studio releases the english dub of tribe nine anime. Until then you can watch tribe nine anime free with English subtitles.

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