Ufo vpn mod apk 3.4.4 with premium unlocked

Ufo vpn mod apk gives access to premium and faster servers with latency. It is one of most wanted mod apk. Download and keep your privacy safe & secure.

NameUfo vpn mod apk
Mod featurespremium unlocked
DeveloperUFO VPN

UFO vpn mod apk features

  • Premium servers : now you’ve the premium and fast server access without any interruptions.
  • No ads : this mod gives you as free experience so that you can keep using this app seamlessly.

Ufo vpn mod apk FAQ

How to use ufo mod apk?

To use the mod all you need to do is to open the app select the server location and click on connect.

Do you need to register in the app?

No, you don’t need to register in the app. If it shows to login/register just skip it.

What if ufo vpn mod apk asks to update the app?

Don’t update the app it’ll end the mod and you will get the normal version.


Ufo vpn features

Ufo vpn mod apk features
  • worldwide servers : ufo vpn offers you to select servers in a wide variety of geo graphical locations.
  • switch connection seamlessly : switch connection with across many servers with few clicks.
  • Surf online securely : due to the increasing spam and phishing attacks, people need an extra layer of protection. Connect this vpn and forget about these attacks.
  • No data monitoring : this app doesn’t monitor any of your browsing data as it promises to give you extra layer of security without any compromise.
  • Watch steaming contents : some specific movie, shows are blocked in some countries on OTT platforms. To unlock them install this app and use your OTT app.
  • Gaming : to play games which are banned in your country, you need a vpn for that and it’s a perfect choice for you.
  • Multiple protocols : this app uses multiple security protocols in order to give you secure internet surfing.

3 important reasons to use vpn

There are several reasons to use a vpn in your phone and desktop. Here are three important reasons to use a vpn.


When you use your internet your browsing data is available to your internet service providers and even to the users who can see what you’re browsing. If you use a vpn, all of your connections will be encrypted and your internet service provider and local user won’t able to see through your browsing.

Use blocked sites

If some sites are blocked in your country you can easily unblock them by using a vpn. Just connect to a different country and you’re good to go.


You’re thinking that vpn increases the ping between you and your servers but it’s not totally true. Sometimes vpn can help you to reduce ping in some games, you can try once.

Public reviews


Funny how so many apps want ratings just after signup/purchase. How bout the 1mo follow up rating when u actually know a thing or two. Hindsight 20/20 this app kicks butt for my gaming interests. It makes them run fast and stable. Kinda like a vpn for dummies but works excellent. As for privacy I dont know how to try and hack myself so couldnt tell ya. Got a year script and no regrets. There are so many apps like this and one should do some research. Servers everywhere, check. Alien dude, check!

Jacob Betlu

This was easy and better connection,when getting start it can easy get ka signal which was good and better,so keep it up


To protect your privacy everyone should use vpn that’s why you should go for either this vpn or you can go with turbo vpn.