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Download wonder egg priority in English sub and dub from the links given below. All the downloading links of Wonder Egg Priority are working fine. You can download wonder egg priority in 720P or 480P from the links given below and save the wonder egg anime on your mobile phone or laptop. After downloading wonder priority English from the allwish you can watch the anime whenever you want to without buffering.

Wonder Egg Priority is a pure Japanese anime. As it has no manga origin. ‘Wanda Eggu Puraioriti’ is the japanese name. This is an ongoing anime in Japan. It’s not that famous there but on the other side, it also carries a good storyline. You can download and watch this anime from here absolutely free in English sub. All the latest episodes will be updated as soon as they release.

Wonder Egg Priority english sub
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Download and watch Wonder Egg Priority

Download Wonder Egg Priority English sub and dub here for free. All the latest episodes are also available. You can download or watch by clicking the link below.

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About the anime

As I mentioned before, it has no manga so manga details won’t be available here. It’s a pure anime. Speaking of the origin, CloverWorks animated this television series. Three studios (Aniplex, Nippon Television, and D.N. Dream Partners) together produced the anime. Funimation licensed this anime to release it in North America. On the other side, Garage play licensed this to release it in south asian countries. Other than this, Wonder Egg Priority came in Europe via Wakanim.


The story starts with a junior high school student. Her name is Ai Ohto. She is not temporarily attending school because of the sucide of her close friend Koito Nagase. One late night during walking, she visits a deserted arcade place. She hears a mysterious voice which leads her to a gachapon machine. This machine dispenses “Wonder Egg”. That night Ai is gone into a dream world. The Wonder Egg cracks and reveals a girl whom Ai must protect a horde of monsters called “Seeno Evils”.Shin Wakabayashi directed the anime and Shinji Nojima wrote the anime story. DE DE MOUSE & Mito composed the intro music and the ending music.

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All the downloading links of wonder egg priority are given above. So download the wonder priority in the English sub or du and enjoy the anime for free. All the links given below are fast so that you will not face any difficulty while downloading wonder egg priority.