Wrestling Revolution 3D mod apk 1.702 (all licenses unlocked)

Wrestling revolution 3d is an epic wrestling game with lots of features in game. This game gives you a variety of access through out wrestling franchises. Although due to copyright reasons it has changed franchises names but you will still able to identify the rosters. It has a professional license which gives you access to all rosters and wrestlers. That’s why here is the wrestling revolution 3d mod apk.

NameWrestling revolution 3d mod apk
Mod featuresAll passes unlocked, full access
CategoryAction and offline

Wrestling revolution 3d mod apk

wrestling revolution 3d mod apk gives you access to backstage pass and professional pass which you have to buy. So in our mod we are giving you free access to these passes. This mod will give you full access to the game. There are many features unlocked in the mod version which are not available on original version.

Wrestling Revolution 3d Mod Features

Wrestling Revolution 3D mod apk 1.702

  • Choose any character : You will be able to use any character you want you have your full control on players. Players can choose any characters they want. You can choose the champion wrestlers to start with.
  • Backstage pass : the back stage pass which you can use to loaf in backstage and face a confrontation with other players.
  • Switch characters : you will be able to switch characters anytime and leave the existing character on their own. Generally these character switching option is paid on the original version.

Mod FAQs

How to get the pro license and backstage license?

You don’t need to do any tweaks. Just install it and you’re ready to go against other wrestlers. The license is already activated in the game.

Can I really choose any character I want?

Yes, you can choose any character you want. You can even switch the characters if you find them boring

Will this game support smartphones with 64bit architecture?

Yes, it should support the 64bit architecture more smoothly now as per the developer log says. Unlike the old versions it should have better support for 64 bit.

About Wrestling Revolution 3d

Wrestling revolution 3d is a wrestling game for android. This game is pretty old and it was developed by MDickie in 2014. Wrestling revolution 3d is still a popular game among people. This is also a very addictive game where you can create your own career and even change your contract with the rosters.

Game story

Basically this game starts with a wrestler in wrestling school. You will see many wrestlers in the wrestling school so choose one then your training will start and then wrestle against others in wrestling school. If you’re lucky you will get contract for paid wrestling rosters. You can increase your money balance their. As much as you win, you will gain popularity and you can increase your value and salary. You will see your own expenses also being counted. If you reset your career you will see your former chosen player is still in the roster where you left him.

Game Features

This game has lot of features to count. So I will try to describe as many features as I can. This game is full packed with features in a small size.

Characters roleplay

Any player’s default role will be wrestler. But you may be hired as a guest manager for someone else in order to help him/her winning the match. You can also be selected as a guest referee by the roster owner if you agree. Also there is a role of a partner as well. Gamer can also hire someone as your manager but remember if you hire someone as a manager you need to pay him for managements from your salary.

Conversational confrontation

Wrestling revolution 3d mod apk confrontation

Wrestlers can have a talk and pull each others legs before they start match. It can also happen in back stage also. If they had a grudge before it may still remain with other confrontation or even if the wrestlers choose to change the roster, the rivalry can be still there. Player can be called by the roster runner for additional talks such as styling, adding new moves, changing entrance etc.


Wrestling career dashboard
wrestling career dashboard

Wrestling career : at the beginning you will start wrestling in wrestling school (if you don’t have professional license). After few matches in wrestling school you will get a contract in a roster with low salary of course. You will see your weekly match status and your upcoming weeks status. You will gain popularity if you keep winning and for the best you will be able to challenge a champion of that existing roster. If you defeat him you will gain more popularity and your contract value will also increase with your popularity. At the end of the week you will get a chart of your expenses and salaries. If you ran out of money, your career ends there. If you switch player or reset your profile you will still see the former chosen wrestler on that roster where you left him/her.

Booking career dashboard
Booking career dashboard

Booking career : booking career means that you have the power to run the roster and manage the matches. You can renew players contract, assign new players and many more. You will have the power to setup the matches. Your performance will decide how the rating of your roster will go. Will it go down or not? It totally depends on your managing performance that’s why it’s called booking career.


Wrestling revolution 3d rosters
Wrestling revolution 3d rosters list

There are total number of 9 roster including hollywood (which isn’t accessible until they manually gives you the contract). Choose any roster to play. You can even challenge wrestlers from other rosters also. If they agree there will be an international promotional match between these two rosters.

Wrestling matches

All Rules loads on loading screen

Rules : Wrestling matches carry the normal wrestling rules as real life wrestling matches. Rules are all same. sometimes you get the option to choose the rule if you challenge someone. All rules are mentioned in the loading screen before the match starts.

Wrestling revolution 3d mod apk Arena: dual arena mode
Dual arena mode

Arena : arena is normal like the real wrestling matches. Sometimes you can add two arenas in one match Other than that it also contains tables, ladders, bells, hammers, chairs and more to attack wrestlers with additional forces.

Entrance gate
Lighting is off here

Entrance : like proper wrestling matches, wrestlers enters in the ring with music and some styles known as gestures in the game.

Referee counting
referee counting

Referee : each match has a referee to count the winning or to disqualify players. Basically referees is totally similar to real life wrestling matches.

Wrestling revolution 3d mod apk: Battle Royal
Battle royal

Battle Royal : wrestling revolution 3d game also features battle royal matches where multiple players. Rules are similar to normal wrestling matches. Players falling outside the ring will be eliminated. If you fall down from the ring, you will be still able to see others fighting.

Championship belts
See belts

Championship belts : players can also challenge a champion for a championship match. If you win you will get the belt covering your belly. There are three types of championship belts heavyweight champion, lightweight champion and tag team champions. Although the names are quite different in each roster.


Full customisation
Full customisation

Players can customize their wrestlers as they want. You can literally customize anything of the character. In the beginning you will see option to customize age, gender and body type but later you can’t customize any of these. Still there are many things you can customize in the game which are given below

Character customisation : change the characters hair, face, body without any problems. Although you can edit any players face, height and colour only once.

Change entrance lighting and music : you can customize the lighting and music in entrance. You can even add your local MP3 audio file as entrance song.

Wrestling revolution mod apk: gestures
Gesture (also see the lighting dimming)

Choose gestures : gestures are generally use to wave at fans and taunt opponents. It is also used to show that you’re about to hit the final blow.

Wrestling Moves
Wrestling moves

Choose your attacks : you can choose your all moves to attack another wrestler. This game gives you full move customisation access in moves. This game has numerous options for attacks. You can choose any of your favourite attacks.

Easy Game controls

Wrestling revolution 3d mod apk: controls

Game control is divided into to section. One for movement and other for performing actions. It’s more like a joystick. Speaking of joystick this game is compatible with NVidia Shield 2k and MOGA Pro (“B” Mode). On right side of the controller you will see buttons. These buttons are ‘A’ (for attack), ‘R’ for running, ‘G’ (for grappling), ‘P’ (for pickup) and ‘T’ for (taunting, counting and performing referee actions). There’s also an ‘eye’ icon to move focus towards other wrestlers

Graphics & Audio

Graphics example
Game graphics

Graphics is designed in 3d. You will notice it when you play the game. It may look little bit outdated but it still looks good. The audio quality is quite great. This gives you an immersive experience. Whenever you throw something, you will hear the sound that it’s touching the ground. Every small details in audio in covered perfectly. I’m sure that you will the graphics and audio as well.

Public Reviews

According to the public this game is very good and for some it’s an average game or not good at all. Some also criticized this app. Although playstore has 4.1 rating and total 1,225,635 rated this app.

Final words

Wrestling revolution 3d is a great 3d game to play. 3d games were popular back in the day. Now they feel like outdated but this game is pretty addictive. Although many people criticized this app but still it’s good game to play. Most of the things inside the app is paid but still we are providing wrestling revolution 3d mod apk where you get those paid things in free.

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